Apple flapjacks

There are two different sorts of flapjacks, the British ones and the US ones. In the US, this is a kind of thick pancake while in Britain it`s a poor man`s oatmeal cake. Poor man, you may say, what? It is usually made with only three ingredients, that is why it is of poor man, obviously in those days the eggs were a luxury.


Of course I`m doing the British version to show my true commitment to the Island.



You will need:


4, 5 apples red or green ones or a mix

200 gr. oatmeal

70 ml. treacle or you may know it as golden syrup

40 gr. brown sugar

120 gr. butter

tonka bean or cinnamon or both





OK, they are not only three ingredients but six, in my defense we are living in different times now, where experiments in the kitchen are certainly welcome.



Take a box grater and grate the apples, do not bother peeling or coring them, I have never heard of an apple seed poisoning, besides apple poisoning, but this was in a fairytale.


Simmer the apples in a pot with the spices of your choice, the syrup and the sugar. When softened, take the pot off  the heat and fold in the butter with the oats.


Pour the mix into a mid-sized baking tray lined with paper and toss in a pre-heated oven (170 C) for about 30 minutes.



And there you have it. 

Let the flapjacks cool completely before cutting.



This recipe is so easy, idiot proof and it falls under the section never-fail-cake.


I admit you can do flapjacks with all kinds of fruits, but as a first timer I wanted to test the classic fruit one.


And if you do not want fruit in yours, just take out the apples from the recipe and there you have it – the poor man`s cake. 




So have a good one.


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