Artichoke Farfalle

If you are willing to make your own pasta I have a suggestion.

I watched recently pretty cool new cook show and found out new tricks about home made pasta.

So it is the same old recipe

1 cup of pasta flour

1 big egg


For one generous portion.


It is really important to find the right flour for your pasta, I`m trying out various types of flour not every is a big success.

Best is flour type OO.



Knead the egg and the flour into a semi soft dough.Do not put additional flour if it does not come together may be your eggs a too small add an egg yolk to the dough.


After forming it into a ball, wrap in cling film and let it rest on room temperature for at least 30 min.


If you have a pasta maker that is really good but if not, at least I hope you can handle a rolling pin.


Roll the dough out with as less flour as you can use.

It should be in the ideal case, less thicker than a 50 cent coin.

If you have a wavy pasty cutter will be perfect to cut your Farfalle if not again a knife can do the trick also.


Cut the rolled pasta dough in small rectangles like 2 by 2 sm.If you don`t have the nerve make them bigger.

Squish every rectangle in the middle so the shape looks like a little butterfly.

On a tray with some semolina place all of your Farfalle to air dry until you make your sauce.



For the sauce you will need



1 big onion chopped

1 can peeled tomatoes

5,6 slices pancetta

7,8 canned artichoke insides roughly cut


pepper, No salt

hand full grated   Parmesan or any other hard cheese



In a pot sweat the onion and the pancetta slices until they shrink.Add the tomatoes, rosemary and the pepper.Let it simmer for 15 minutes.


Put a big pot with boiling salted water for your Farfalle.


Now you will need to work on two stations.


Add the artichokes in the sauce and dial down the heat.


When the water boils cook the Farfalle for about 3 minutes, this is how long a fresh pasta takes to cook.

When done you need to move quickly.



Take the pasta pot out of the heat,  take one ladle from the water and add it to the sauce,  the starch in the water does help it cling to the pasta, and adds some body to the sauce.

Then drain the pasta and transfer it to the sauce.

Mix well and you are done.



Serve with grated Parmesan or whatever hard Italian cheese you have handy.



Basically it sound maybe very complicated, but it is not.

And making your own pasta is first of all fun and second it tastes like million times better than the store bought.

And as already said it freezes well, why don`t make a bunch and toss it in the freezer.

You can involve your loved ones or even your guest in the making, everyone needs to deserve its dinner….

So a little stiff and educating post, but be it.


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