Balsamic grilled chicken thigh steaks


Since I`m not currently at home I needed to adapt my cooking to the resources I have.


Who is cooking away from home you might think, I am.


When I go in a grocery store here (France) I go slightly mad, can spent hours and hours looking and picking the variety is so madly vast, it is insane.

Of course if you are with your husband the looking and the picking is not actually happening, man tend to get annoyed very fast.

So these days we had some beautiful fish and we had a BBQ.

Here at my disposal I have superb BBQ conditions and I thought why don`t  we smoke out the place with a mean barbecue.

So cut to the chase I had some chicken legs already and deboned them, by the way perfect meat for the grill you just need to learn to debone chicken.

Maybe this will help



For the marinade you will need:


a couple of tbsp balsamic vinegar

2 tbsp. sugar




/will be enough for 4 chicken steaks/


In a small pot put all of the above and cook until slightly caramelized, or after the vinegar smell disappears.

Let it cool for a minute and pour it over the meat, in best case scenario you leave it for an hour or so.If not give it at least  10 minutes.



Chicken leg meat is perfect for the grill, only thing is you need to put it on the heat skin first, so that the meat does not dry out.

If the skin burns no biggie, you can always throw it.



Toss the meat on a preheated grill, whichever kind you have at your disposal it can be also a grill pan if you are indoors.

Grill  the skin side fist for 10 minutes depending on the heat, then turn over.

And this is it.




Put some veg on the grill too it will be a delight.


Open up some cold beers and you are in the game.




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