Beef & pea pizza like


So pizza,pizza, salaaaaad I quote from a girls classic TV show let me not bore you with my Gilmore girls references.


Let us `talk`about pizza or whatever you may call it …home made tastes just yummy.

We eat our pizza at only three places for a reason. 

First at one bistro which according to a magazine has the ninth best pizza in the world, very weird I may say but if they think like this it`s OK, our excuse is that a very dear friend of ours works there and in a fact pizzas are tasty.

Second place a really expensive one the only one that can manage to make a whole wheat pizza taste like pizza.


And third but not last at HOME.

I have been meaning to buy a pizza stone but do not ask why a still don`t have it…When I do it I will report..


The pizza like

I`m calling it like this because there are so many varieties of baked flat bread with something put on top of it you cannot imagine ..I will not bore you with history but not every crusty bread is pizza hence pizza like.


I put together a very simple dough:

150 gr strong white flour

150 gr wholemeal flour

7 gr dry action yeast

pinch of salt

200 ml tepid water 


I`m not going to teach you how to knead, if you cannot buy your self a kitchen robot ….After finishing the dough roll it out to your pizza pan`s size and put it in the over to rise or rest.



In my case I have had some left over osso bucco,in your case whatever roasted meat left from Sunday lunch or dinner party,there is nothing wrong to cook something new with leftovers….


Again I lost the main point take this whatever meat and cut it to small pieces, put it aside.

In a solid pan shock defrost some peas about 200 gr might do the trick.Cut a couple of carrots and toss them in the pan,good deal of salt & pepper some rosemary and done.

Take your pizza dough out of the oven and put the heat on 190 C.

You will need a couple  spoons tomato paste spread it over the dough then comes the meat, peas & carrots and 2 or 3 mozzarella cut into pieces or thorn apart, sprinkle more rosemary and you can put this thing to bed.


Baking about 30 min I suppose  or until it`s so golden that you want to eat now.



In summary you don`t need big list of things to make a decent midweek meal, just some leftover meat and a handful ingredients, 1 hour of your precious time and there you have it.

Super healthy home made with care.




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