Beetroot bread

Before you say this is going too far, let me defend myself by saying I have a `light` beetroot obsession. About this recipe, I`m  most certainly  not the first person to think of such thing. But people honestly, there is a zucchini bread, carrot bread, pumpkin bread, tomato bread why not a beetroot bread.

  So let us get down to business. If you do not like either of the above breads, this recipe is not for you, sorry do not be offended.  


    Today you will need:  

  150 gr. cooked beetroot purée

  250 ml. lukewarm water

  1 pack dried yeast or 7 gr.

  good pinch of salt

  3 tbsp. olive oil

  300-400 gr. flour  


    You will maybe hate it but I used the French method today, I felt like it.     Hence we are making a preparation or first dough, let it rise , than make the end version and let it rise again.

  It takes time for sure, but you get the fluffiest bread you ever tasted.



      Take a big bowl or if you have a kitchen robot or stand mixer the better for you. Put in the bowl 200 gr. flour and the yeast with the salt, add the water and the beetroot purée.

Stir well, there is no kneading at this stage it is to runny for that. Cover the dough prep with something and let it double its size for about 30 minutes depending of your room temperature.






    After this stage is over add the rest of the flour, it does not need to be 200 gr. you will feel it I think if it is still sticky add the whole amount if you think it is OK add less.

Now knead it until you get smooth and silky dough. Shape it in a bread form and put in a cold oven for about 30 minutes.  

  After the second rising put the heat on to 160 C.  and bake for about 40-45 minutes.  


  First of all do not be disappointed that the inside of your bread did not stay pink like I was. Pity, but next time I will reduce the water and add more roots.   Overall this is a great idea and a superb trick to make your children to eat your home made lunch sandwich, instead  thinking  about buying the JUNK food. I have seen with my own eyes how kids are dumping their healthy mommy made lunch and going for some fries…Not cool kids, not cool at all!!     So this is it.   Cheers and try it healthier!

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