Berry chocolate streusel cake



Christmas and so on is ON, I do not really appreciate the whole stress about it. What is wrong with us people or are we so romantic?? Everyone is out there buying as if there is not another day, masses angry ,nervous and eager  to buy more and more.


This is not Christmas. In this day and age everything is so objectified, material, to have more and more everything we can get our hands on Hello???


As me and my sister were kids we were just happy that we have a couple of days of from school with our parents,that we have a tree in the house and about the special treatment, not all about presents..


In conclusion I will not post any Christmas baking, not because I’m not doing any but because what I’m trying to do here is not mainstreaming…sorry if I crushed you hahah


Ok this cake Berry chocolate streusel, if you insist it can be Christmas dessert.


you will need:

100 gr butter

200 gr flour

100 gr sugar

a pinch of salt

a pinch baking soda

4 tbsp good quality cocoa powder

1 tbsp cinnamon

300 gr frozen berry mix/there is nothing wrong with frozen fruit there are hand picked washed and frozen/


Put all your dry ingredients incl the butter in your food processor and give it a good whiz, if you don’t have one make sure everything is incorporated and looks like breadcrumbs. Take 3/4 of the mix and try to make it like a ball with your hands don’t work it too much. Roll the ball in cling film and put it in the fridge along with the rest of the mix for 30 min.

After the dough had its rest try to roll it in the shape of your dish.Sprinkle the frozen fruit on the top and then the rest of the dough crumble mix.


This goes in a preheated oven 170 C for about 30 min.



To be completely honest the cake on the picture was made successfully under my supervision by my husband easy peasy…

My idea for this concept here is to prove to you that it is not hard to eat fresh, no big whoop,so I’m not going to overwhelm you with fancy complicated stuff …lets keep it real

So until then Cheers.

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