Blueberry cookie cake

Not only necessity but also laziness is the mother of invention. If you have one of these days that you say I want to bake a cake but you are totally out of ideas then this is the one.


If you have small or big children you certainly have butter cookies at home. Than you certainly have some berries at home also, and certainly some eggs.


I just might say if you have all of the above you are set for an experiment.




Take a chance and go on a ride with me.


You will need:


250 gr. butter cookies crushed or grinned 


70 gr. butter room temp.


3 large eggs


1/2 cup sugar


1/2 cup flour


5, 6 tbsp. cream cheese or about 150 gr.


1 tsp. baking powder



2 hands full berries such as blueberries, cranberries, strawberries or what you find in the store do not sweat it




Preheat the oven to 170 C.


Take a large mixing bowl, you will not even need a hand mixer, put the eggs with the sugar and the butter and whisk it good, add the cream cheese, cookies, flour and baking powder. Whisk it together so it has a smooth texture.


Pour the batter in a lined with baking paper cake pan. Sprinkle the berries of your choice on the batter and toss the cake in the oven.




It will take only 35 short minutes to be surprised how lazy you can be. So in total 40 minutes.


Do not be stuck up – it is not cheating, you are making a cake with some help from the most hated sugar industry. But you can play them also, they too want to look healthy these days, they have wholewheat versions of everything and low fat indeed.



So go brew the coffee and take a slice of cake.



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