When you have your mind set on a beef steak and go to the groceries to buy it  and they are out,it is time for some creative thinking. This was the case yesterday. Due to the fact that I only found beef brisket, steak was out of the question.

Brisket is a very tasty meat, unfortunately also time-consuming matter, if you want to do this right, it is more like Sunday lunch.


So let’s cut to the chase, I bought the brisket and decided beef burger without the bun. I minced the meat in the food Pro, you can easily take already minced beef…





500 gr minced beef

1 big leek chopped small

2 tbsp. honey

2 tbsp. Dijon mustard

1 large egg


1 tbsp. tarragon


Mix everything well and form it in big patties grill them or dry fry in a preheated pan. Turn them a couple of times, because of the honey they burn quickly.

So this was it.


For a side dish:

2 cans  giant beans/about 400 gr./

150 gr. rocket washed and chopped

1 big avocado

2 spring onions chopped

a handful mini tomatoes roughly chopped


Do the `side` like any other salad, put all the ingredients in a bowl, olive oil & balsamic vinegar and some salt.


Easy quick and first of all healthy.

Necessity is the mother of invention, so I experimented and it turned out quite fine. Next time when you are in a burger mood, instead of making the old boring version try this out….

Until then Cheers

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