Carrot bread


In a day like this that you want to eat bread, commonly known as a very bad thing, because of your  weight or whatever the hell our society  problem is, you might find yourselves totally bored with the bread varieties  sold. In a fact we are very spoiled too many tastes too many choices..


Today is a day like this I somewhere read about carrot bread was not sure where and I decided to recreate it by memory, those of you who are laughing  now I know where you live!


So basically you will need:

2 big carrots shredded

200 gr.flour

100 gr.oatmeal

pinch of salt

150 gr. yogurt mixed with

1 pack baking powder or backing soda

some seeds (I`m fairly addicted to seeds don`mind me if you are not)


Everything above goes in a big bowl, only thing to be careful while making the dough is, when you feel it is still very wet you need to add some flour. If you feel it is ready shape it as you fancy and put in a preheated oven 150-160 C.


I don`t really know how comes that I bake everything on 150 C. either I’m in love with this temperature or I`m playing  on the safe side, it is better to bake longer than to burn the hell of it while daydreaming about the perfect shoes for instance.

So the bread it will take about 40-45 min until ready, you should have a hard golden crust.

Ready to eat when not burning hot enjoy…


PS. I had another bread thingy in planing to share with you,but we as the greedy b… as we are ate it before I got the chance to take pics……

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