Cashew apple cake

If you feel psychotic and demented as I often feel you will never now what to make for desert. My eagerness to explore new tastes often overwhelms me, hence-not helping at all. Have a drink and go to the store. Slowly walk and look at everything you see, or at least I did that.

I love nuts besides peanuts they are really bad for you in most of the cases, my friends already know I`m anal about them. If you need to eat them please, pretty please raw, not roasted and salted, you can easily look up what is bothering me in the net.


So the solution I bought like half a kilo of raw cashew with the intend to make some desert. No inspiration found in the net I thought I will invent again.


I made a really small cake and this time only I`ll share it.



You will need.



150 gr. cashew nuts chopped in small


1 big apple grated


1 egg


1/2 cup of sugar


50 gr. butter room temperature


1 cup flour


1 tsp. baking powder


1 tsp. tonka bean powder





It is pretty easy of course.


Preheat oven 160 C.


In a bowl put sugar, egg, butter, the bean powder and mix until fluffy with a hand whisk or electric mixer. Than add the nuts and apple, stir in gradually the flour and the baking powder.

It should not look perfect no one and nothing is, don`t over mix it.



Line with baking paper a small loaf tin, if you don`t have one the shape is not the driving force of the cake, make it round if you fancy.



Toss in the oven for 40 minutes.



This is a moist cake it takes longer to bake, but the waiting is worth it most definitely.

Leave to cool.


The taste of this cake was something completely new for me, the combo was successful, imagine this.


If you cannot find tonka bean powder, do not make your self crazy substitute with vanilla extract, but if you even lay your hands on it…Wow.I never thought that I will be stunned.



And one warning don`t eat it all at once it will be heavy for the stomach….




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