Champion bars

Everybody has seen and had a dried fruit oatmeal bar. Why buy them if you can make them at home? I know it is maybe annoying my constant try to persuade you that home made is easy.

Home made is not actually necessary cheaper but at least you know at some point what are you putting in your body, hence you have the control.


Having the control over the meals you are getting is a big deal for me. I almost never let other people to cook for me at work, everybody rolls their eyes when I say I`m hungry.


 Now to the point.

 You will need:



200 gr. oatmeal ground in a coffee grinder 


200 gr. cold butter


1 cup of wholewheat flour


pinch of salt


1/2 cup brown sugar


cinnamon or vanilla






400 gr. dried mixed fruit, anything goes


1 cup of hot water




Preheat the oven to 160 C.


In a small bowl soak the dried fruit with the hot water and let it rest for a while.


In a bowl or, if you have a food processor in it, mix the dry ingredients and rub the butter in them. The mix should look like bread crumbs. Make sure that the butter is completely corporated. 


Take a square or a rectangle baking dish and lay baking paper in it. Divide the oatmeal mix in two and spread the one half in the dish evenly. With the back of a spoon press the crumbs together and even out.


Now is the time for the dried fruit – you need to convert them into a puree.cUse any tool you have at home, you know I`m a fan of useful tools but don`t be bothered by me.


Anyhow when you have the puree spread it over the crumbs and even out. Put the rest of the crumb mix and do the same procedure as you did with the bottom part.



Toss it in the oven for about 30-40 minutes until golden.



When it is done cool on a rack and then in the fridge for 30 minutes. It needs to cool down before cutting because if you hurry you will ruin it.


Cut it in small squares. It is really powerful, not low fat – yes but in this goodness nothing is unhealthy or makes your ass grow, unless you eat all the tray at once…….



Short and direct.






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