Chocolate `Bakewell`tart

I really enjoy Bakewell tart but my husband enjoys better chocolate. Then I thought if I can make a chocolate bakewell tart.


Normally it is a big deal to make a bakewell and it is really worth it , because it is a classic and tastes like heaven and butter…. The butter part I do not enjoy and I took measures into my hands and tried the recipe otherwise.



Make a basic shortcut pastry but adding some sugar and cocoa powder

100 gr. cold butter
250 gr. flour
pinch of salt
splash of water
1 egg
some cocoa powder

3 tbsp. sugar 


and as in my post below make the pastry put it in the fridge for 30 min.


After this roll the dough between two baking paper sheets , so it will help shaping and not breaking. Butter your dish or non stick spray it and sprinkle some flour over it. Place the dough with the sheet in ,the non sheet side in your tart dish ,the baking sheet should be facing you. Shape it and put in a preheated oven 170 C.

I want to tell you that in the original recipe you need to put some baking beans over the top so it will help  the crust not to rise. I do not have baking beans so I put a plain old dish on the crust and it worked also fine.

Bake the crust for 15 minutes.Take it out and peel off the paper.



Now it is time for the filling:

melt over water bad

200 gr. dark chocolate at least 70% cocoa

100 gr. butter

let it cool for a minute and in the mean time mix

3 eggs

100 gr. chopped almonds

70 gr. sugar

70 ml. evaporated milk , cream or normal plain milk

whisk in the chocolate butter mix and pour it in the crust.

Bake the tart 150 C for about 45 minutes.


Let the tart completely cool and dig in.

One thing should be said do not eat more than one piece in the evening , this amount of chocolate can `help`you to a serious insomnia. As for kids one very small piece on lunch only or they are going to show you how a man powered torpedo looks like.

So in short if you want to impress someone who is a chocolate addict this is the real deal.

Try it and tell me how it goes…


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