Cooking for one A.k.a. Salmon tart

I hate cooking only for myself, but there are times that happens. Actually I almost never cook only for me, do not get me wrong I’m not stuffing my mouth with ready made macaroni and cheese or burgers, I just don`t eat…


 Me cooking practically every day for seven years do not find any fun in eating alone, not being able to share my good and bad cooking experiments.

In our home as in my mom and dads it was always about dinner, eating together discussing  the day, the problems or whatever in short the only time of day that we are or were together hence I dislike eating without company.


Ok enough with the teary confessions, if you home alone for dinner does not mean that you don’t get to eat.This time I decided instead of doing a cleanse, to cook and eat..

It took me five minutes to put this together.


you will need:

1 pack of puff pastry

200 grams Brie

1 Mozzarella

150 grams smoked salmon

1 spring onion

some dill,pepper



Lay the pastry, toss everything on it sliced or cut. Put in a preheated oven 180 C .15 minutes and there you have it, not a spectacular dish indeed, but made by you for you..


I catch myself writhing in twos. I’m not addicted to pasta or pastry it just happens.

Of course,the ingredients on the top are optional i`m just getting you started on your own creation hunt. Cook something nice make a small salad pour yourself  something and cheers the hell that you are eating alone.

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