Deer roast


And again with all the adjectives but I love venison.


I do not care how long does it take to cook, do not care how much it costs, just love it.



And it is actually so easy to make and it makes me really wonder how some people can only eat pork.


One man`s opinion do not get me started.


The only super secret that you need to know is a baking bag.



Maybe for one this feels like a cheat, but for me it is not.

Efficient, time saving method to cook large piece of meat and not only.


It saves the good juices and does not let the meat dry out while cooking.


In short I was in the market not knowing what is going to be for dinner, and as I was starring at the meat corner and it struck me.


Deer roast.



It can be easily any kind of venison.



You will need


baking bag


about 500 gr. meat whole or cut into pieces


ground cumin






pepper and salt


Preheat your oven 160 C.


Mix all of the herbs and sprinkle them on a board.Lay the meat on it and pat the herbs on until stuck on the surface.


Heat some oil in a pan and fry the meat to seal it, it takes only a minute.



After you have done this put the meat in the baking bag, tie it good and toss it in the oven.

Forget about it for about one and half hours.



In the mean time you can watch a film, clean or cuddle, the choice is yours.



For a side dish I made some steamed string beans,  five minutes from your time.



And this is actually it.





So take care give a chance to diversity and cheers.

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