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Today is the International Pancake day and due to the fact that I cannot use my oven fully, this is a perfect opportunity. Pancakes as a main course is not a new thing, but I decided to make another experiment. Pumpkin,pear and Gorgonzola filling.

Now to the pancake deal.

Everyone I assume, can make pancakes or has tried at some point,but for the record.

For a larger crowd:

4 eggs

200 gr.flour

600 ml. milk

a pinch of salt and sugar



Stir in a large bowl  the flour with the salt and the sugar.

Make a well in the center and crack the eggs, start whisking until you have a thick paste. Slowly whisk in the milk into the mix, until everything  corporates.

In the best case scenario you will have a pancake pan if not, not a big deal every pan can do. Fry the pancakes, if you have a non stick pan without oil, if not smear some oil on the surface with some kitchen paper before every pancake.


Now that you have your pancakes ready it is time for the filling.


500 gr.peeled and chopped in small chunks pumpkin/any sort 

can do the trick/

1 big leek chopped

1 or 2 big pears chopped

100 gr.Gorgonzola cheese

handful walnuts chopped



some oil


Simmer in a pan the pumpkin with the leek, add the pearwalnuts, oregano and pepper. This will take about ten minutes. Take the pan from the heat and stir in the cheese until melted.



Take a pancake and put in the middle some of the veg filling and make a small square parcelDo this until you run out of filling.

In ideal case, meaning if your oven is functioning, lay the parcels in a baking tray and put them in the oven for a couple of minutes, you can put some cheese on the top.

Serve this with a cracking fresh salad.

I think this is an idea for some left over pancakes or for a light dinner, whatever you want to call it,it is tasty and quick.


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