Dried plum Osso buco

Either I`m a complete idiot or I did not wanted to bother you with some complicated stuff, but after making Osso buco for the 50th time I thought it is about time.

I personally adore, yes adore is the word, osso buco this is cross cut veal shank. The fact that there is a bone in the matter means that there is a bone marrow and this changes everything.

Maybe as a child you were repealed by all the bones and the broth as me, but we grow older and now I know. The biggest flavours, the most joy and the best heart-warming dish comes from a meat on a bone.

I am still working on my husband on some issues, such as grandma and kindergarten cooking but we are getting there…

And the best part of osso buco is these are the cheap cuts, you can have it every day and you don’t need to sell you liver to afford a piece of meat.

I`m going to present you an old traditional recipe mixed with a new powerful flavour.

If you are curious you will need
500 gr. cross cut veal shanks

2 onions roughly chopped

2 carrots roughly chopped

2, 3 bay leaves

250 gr. dried plums

some garlic, salt, pepper and some oil

300 ml veggie broth


In a pan with some oil cross fry the veal shanks until they are sealed.
If you have a pressure cooked you are a winner – if not you are a winner again.

Either way put the shanks with all the veg and plums season well, pour over the broth, close the lid and cook on low heat for 1 and 1/2 hours.
Very complicated don`t you think….
The best things in life are super simple but they take some time, so take time.
This mouthwatering dish is slow cooked OK, time consuming OK, the result…no words – heaven in a plate.
Put some thought what you are putting on the table for dinner and everyone is going to notice I promise.


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