Easy as a blink spinach pita


In this recipe I must admit that it is a copyright of Jamie Oliver, I`m just rewriting it for you, because it is real simple and insanely effective.


Basically if you have some leftover filo  pastry and some greens you are in the game.


For the days you go in the store and do not know what in heaven’s name is dinner going to be today, it`s perfect. If you find yourself  like me sometimes, fed up with meat and staying long in the kitchen,it`s worth a try.



In my world pita is something you have in a regular basis. With feta cheese, pumpkin, leeks and of course with spinach. As a super fast main course for one of those days you will be amazed.



You will need:

about 200 gr. filo pastry

400 gr. fresh or frozen spinach

200 gr. feta cheese roughly crushed

1 big chopped onion or leek or couple spring onions 

pepper, some lovage or basil or parsley

3 big eggs

some butter



Take a baking paper and wet it under running water, so it is more flexible. Squeeze to drain. Lay the paper in a big sauté pan, so the sides are over the board of the pan.

Lay the same way your pastry, so there is excessive pastry left on the sides.

In another pan with the butter blanch you spinach when fresh, if not defrost. Add the chopped onion and the herbs, give them a couple of minutes on the heat. Put out of the heat, add the cheese and eggs, mix well.

Pour the mix in the prepared other pan. Overlap the excessive filo pastry out to inside so that the filling is covered with it.


I`m using too many words but this action is not more that 10 minutes.


Preheat the oven to 180 C.

Put the pan on the heat for 5 minutes or until starts sizzling under the paper.Then transfer the pan in the oven for another 15 minutes.


So some advice from experience –if you do not want to do it on the stove and then oven you can do only oven. In this case no need for a pan, you can use round baking dish. This way you can reduce your standing  around the stove time.



And not least of all if you do not have spinach put peas instead or some other greens like sorrel оr whatever you can get in this sort.



So this is from me easy to make in a hot summer evening goes with a cold drink of course…


Cheers. how it looks inside unfortunately not available, it was eaten too fast

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