Fish quiche

You probably know until now that I love quiche, eating it, making it and of course when in France – ordering it in a cafe.  In short I think of myself as a small quiche expert.   As I was in my teens the mother of a friend of mine made one I watched very closely and never forgot how it is done, the crust at least.  Later I found at home a cook book with international recipes and researched.  It may sound funny a teenager researching recipes, but it happened, and by the way MOTHER I want this book!!
Ok quiche, you will experience the taste of a good quiche only when you had a really horrible one.  I had one of those. Not to be showing off but I think I make a very decent quiche, or so they tell me.


You will need.
1 large egg

100 gr. butter or less in my case


1 tbsp. white vinegar

280 gr. flour /I mixed 50/50 white and whole wheat/



200 gr. salmon

100 gr. bacon cut in cubes

2 eggs

3 tbsp. cream cheese

handful sweet gherkins cut in small

3 springs spring onion or a small leek

bay leaf, pepper



Make the dough like every other old boring shortcrust pastry, wrap it in a cling film and toss in the fridge for a moment.

Preheat the oven 170 C.

Cut the salmon in cubes and add the rest for the filling in a bowl. Crack the eggs, put the bay leaf, pepper well and stir in with the cream cheese.
Roll out the dough and put in a quiche dish, if you do not have one, don`t go running to buy one – a plain round baking tray will do the trick also.

Pour the filling in the crust and put it to bed for 40 minutes.
This is it.

Maybe I`m rebuilding the La Manche tunnel with this recipe but let it be – I love both of the nations.
I`m not a true Parisian, not that I`m not a wanna be, but every one can have a small piece of Paris in a plate only if you have some nerve and little time.  So I`m talking from experience.
Neither am I a true Britt but why not enjoy another version of a classic fish pie.

Think about it over a glass of Chardonnay or a pint.
Choice is yours.




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