German chocolate cake

Last summer I made a recipe from Martha Steward, this sounds like me being a desperate housewife but I do read her site eventually.

The recipe back then was a chocolate cake and now I stumbled across another recipe in another site called “German chocolate cake”, both exactly the same…. Martha’s  version was really tasty,  but super time-consuming and I never did it again. As lazy as I am, I decided to simplify the recipe and keep the taste…. So basically if you want you can double the amount of the ingredients and make the whole big story if you are having a dinner party or a birthday, this cake is not fancy looking but the taste….


I`m not going to lie, I`m not a cake eater,  but from this one I`ll take a bite


You will need:

150 gr. semi sweet chocolate melted and cooled

100 gr. butter

3 tbsp. cocoa powder

1 cup brown sugar

3 large eggs

1 cup buttermilk

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 1/2 cups flour /you can use every flour , if you want to dial down the calories try it with whole wheat/

1 tsp. baking powder


Beat together the butter with the sugar until fluffy, add vanilla and cocoa powder. Whisk in the eggs one by one and start adding the flour mixed in with the baking soda, pouring at the same time the buttermilk.

It will be not a very thick consistency, but do not worry about it. Pour in a non stick spring baking form and bake in a preheated oven 35 minutes at 170 C.  It will rise strangely, because it is a very dense textured cake.


Let the cake cool on a rack for 30 minutes.



In the meantime you can do the frosting.

You will need:

50 gr. butter

50 gr. sugar

600 ml. evaporated milk   

50 gr. nuts

150 gr. coconut flakes


Put everything in a small pot and let it simmer on a low temperature until it thickens a little. Set aside.

Now the original recipe says that you need 3 or 4 cake bases but in our easy version we have only one.  Try to divide the cake base in two, anyway you can, if it breaks or has any holes in it, it is not a drama since on the top comes the frosting.  

Spread 1/2 of the frosting on the bottom layer and put the other layer over, spread the rest of the frosting.

And done!

Let it cool completely in the fridge for at least an hour.


I admit this is not an everyday recipe,  but since I finally got my state of the art modern technology oven I wanted to do something special and to try it in action.

Every person who cooks and has the pleasure in it knows what a big drama is when some of the appliances are not working, or I`m just a big drama queen…..   

As for the title, there is nothing german in the cake and honestly I never ate a cake like this in Germany, but I’ll leave this matter alone.

So take care and catch you later.


PS. about the buttermilk, I already wrote about it, but I`ll repeat myself. Please do not buy any, make this at home easily by adding a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice per one cup of milk. Let it rest for ten minutes and it’s ready..



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