Gluten-free poppy seed chocolate brownie cake

I absolutely adore poppy seeds! As already mentioned I’m not a big cake eater but poppy seed buns or my mom’s poppy seed roll – there is my weak spot.

As it turns out poppy seeds as any other seeds are very essential to our body’s metabolism and they play an enormous role in the supply of antioxidants. With other words – damn good.


I had a client , which was 97 years old and she was relentlessly eating every day a poppy seed cake for 40 years already. Not to speculate but maybe it was that the poppy seeds kept her going strong.



I have not done much writing in a long time and yesterday someone begged me to make one of my meanest brownies. It let me to the thinking. Brownie as it is, is perfectly fine but may be spruce it a little bit? And like that, we come to the today’s madness.


Gluten-free poppy seed chocolate brownie cake.





You will need:



4 eggs room temperature

1 cup brown sugar 

150 g butter

150 g dark chocolate 80%

1/2 cup rice flour

1 tsp. vanilla extract

200 g poppy seeds

1 tsp baking powder




Proceed as normal. Melt the chocolate with the butter over a water bad and set aside to cool for a while. In the mean time beat the eggs with the sugar until fluffy. Add vanilla extract, the poppy seeds, rice flour , baking powder and last but not least the melted chocolate. Mix until incorporated . 

Pour in a non stick tart dish or just a regular spring form.

Toss in a pre-heated oven 160 C for about 25 minutes.


Let it cool completely and dig in.




As u may noticed this cake turned out to be a gluten-free one. Not purposely . Lately I have been experimenting with different flours , different fats and so on – widening the knowledge palette. 


And why not, for some of us the less fortunate, gluten is not advisable to eat so this time I tried to walk in their shoes. The result is stunning.

PS. I’m thankful that I do not have gluten intolerance ! I can literally die for an oven fresh  brioche. 




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