Green asparagus and yellow zucchini tart

As you may already know I deeply in love with green asparagus and because they are in only once a year and  for a very short period I thought it would be a shame not to make something with asparagus again.


To mention again for those of you who did not read the previous asparagus lecture, they are Vitamin bombs and one of the best veg to eat at all.



About yellow zucchini, of course I have also a lot to say. They have quite a different taste than the green ones. Indeed you can substitute them but if you can, lay your hands on a batch of these it is going to be a real treat.



As a wanna be good chef my fridge is almost always full with veg, or I get depressed, but in today`s case this does not apply for my pantry.


In short, with frowny face I realized that I`m out of stock and I need to adjust my recipe – hence my expectations.


But it was not a deadly sin and as any good soldier would do I adapted.



You will need:


if you are lucky 1 big yellow zucchini, if not any other color goes

500 gr. green asparagus

150 gr. feta cheese

a bunch of wild garlic or chives

3 large eggs

a couple of tbsp. yogurt

salt & pepper



for the crust


1 eggs

100 gr. cold butter

2 cups of flour

couple tbsp. oats


splash of cold water







First and foremost the crust:

Same old tested method, rub the butter in the flour, add the salt and the oats, add the egg and try to make a dough. If the dough does not come together add a splash of cold water. Wrap in cling film and put in the fridge.



If you never handled green asparagus for your surprise there is no peeling them, only wash and trim the woody parts. 

Slice lengthwise  the zucchini. Take a small bowl and mix the eggs with the cheese and the chopped wild garlic, season well.



Take your dough out of the fridge roll it out and lay it in your tart dish. Arrange prettily or not the veg and pour over the cheese and egg mix.


Toss in a preheated oven 170 C for about 40-45 minutes.







And there you have it a light spring-summer dish packed with Vitamins and good taste.


Perfect for lunch date, picnic ,beer garden or whatever you fancy in the moment.



And do not be a naughty child eat your veg or I`ll cut your Internet off…




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