Lamb fillet

It is either the season of the lamb nor the season of asparagus, but I wanted to eat both.


I think we can get it all, frozen fresh and whatsoever.

So in this line of thoughts I got myself a couple of  lamb fillets from New Zealand. Asparagus, I did not find, there is no perfect happiness.

Did I mentioned before my partner amongst many things hates lamb or hated.


As a kid I did not eat it either it stunk and it was a big, big deal around Easter. Lamb leg, lamb shoulder, whole lamb filled with some strange things it was honestly disgusting.


It took me some years to overcome this feeling, but now  I`m willing to embrace almost everything.



You will need.



about 400 gr. lamb fillet


salt, pepper, rosemary, wormwood some olive oil






It cannot get easier than this.

On a chopping board sprinkle all the herbs, salt and pepper. Roll the meat over the seasoning and rub the oil in it.Let it rest for couple of minutes.

Put a grill pan or a normal one on the heat.


Grill or dry fry the meat for 8 minutes while constantly turning it over. When done pack it in some aluminum foil and let it be.




In short lovely people simple, not smelly or stinky, but tasty and dead easy.


And we gave a chance to lamb and it turned out really fine, hence-people can change for good.




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