Leek scones

I`m recently having some positive changes in my life, who have thought that one can be in a such short time from zero to the finish line.

 I`m feeling eternally grateful to the one who is taking all of my craziness to a quieter place.And of course the Parents.


Enough of the corny stuff I thanked them all in person, now in writing if it is not good enough I will bake you all a scone.


Getting to the point of savory scones.


These days I need to spent time at one place not be able to take a break and although one can pass through life only having croissants and lattes I did not think this is the right way.

One should have something substantial in the belly to function in full motion.


So I made myself some nutritious scones.



You will need.



1/2 big leek finely chopped


150 gr. yellow cheese like cheddar grated


100 gr. butter room temperature


1 egg


1 cup buttermilk


1/2 pack baking powder


2 cups of flour


2 tbsp. linseeds


pinch of salt and pepper






In a big bowl mix all of the ingredients well and form a soft dough.



Preheat the oven 170 C.


Form small balls, if you have muffin tin toss them in there.



Bake for 30 minutes or until golden.



The recipe made about 18 scones for serious people.



Today I`m going to cut short and this is it.


Again Thank you people without you I would not have ever made it!


Big Cheers…

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