Meat and veg pie

I started making meat pies as I was a teenager, my mother had an International cooking book and I read  the recipe  in there.


Ok to be correct the recipe  was for a kidney pie, back then I though, can it get anymore weirder than this?And I adapted.


Since then I can faithfully say it has become a specialty of mine.I did pies from leftovers, veggie ones from special meat and mince.


Today long overdue I will tell you how to make a meat pie the chill way.


First of all if you are going to make a pie from leftover roast, take a look in your fridge and find what goes with the meat you have leftover.


Basically everything goes.


Today I`m going to make a mince pie, not the sweet mince but minced meat.


You will need



350 gr. of bread mix, if you cannot find anything like that


350 gr. whole wheat flour, pinch of salt and one pack of dry east



100 gr. lard or butter


some water





Now is freestyle time


In my case today



250 gr. minced beef


200 gr. frozen spinach


1 big leek


150 gr. mushrooms


curcuma, salt, pepper and basil


some oil, if you have it some truffle oil also




Organise your shit.I`m not the most organised person in the world but in the kitchen the magic happens.




Make your dough.Divide it in two and let it aside.


Preheat your oven 180 C.


In a pot sweat the leeks, add the meat and the rest of the veg, put the herbs, stir  well and close the pot with a lid.


Let it bubble for 15 minutes.


In the mean time roll out the one dough part, in like a circle shape


I put it directly on a baking paper and on the wire rack, I think is most convenient.


After the filling bubbled away lay in on the top of the rolled dough.


Roll the second part out smaller than the bottom, and close it like a lid.Fold the excess dough over and press gently.


Make with a fork some steam wholes on the top.



Toss in the oven for 35-40 minutes.


And this is it.




You can vary about the filling I`m saying this again anything what comes into your mind is good in a meat pie.Almost everything do not put strawberries in it for example.



Easy like pie, portable, good hot and cold or just in a few words one of my favourites.




Try it and Cheers.

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