Mega fast curry



Everyone was ever in a Indian restaurant, the smell is lightly repelling but the taste….

 I`m going to start by saying that my husband was the Indian food specialist. Back in the day when we were only a couple and not married there was one day per week in which he was cooking from a thin Indian cookbook. It was really funny for me I had the theater at home for free plus the dinner.

I do not know what actually happened but they are no Indian dinners anymore.

One of these days I thought about it and decided curry. Why not easy, fast and in my opinion everything goes in it.


You will need


500 gr.chicken breast cut in pieces


2 big carrots sliced


1 big leek sliced


100 gr. lentils


100 gr. sugar snap peas


one can of coconut milk


curry, Chinese five spice or Garam masala, salt and pepper.



In a pot with some oil, if you have sesame oil it would be best if not be it, fry cross the chicken until golden. Add all the veggies, coconut milk, the spices and the lentils. Stir well, cover with a lid and let it bubble for 15 minutes.


And this is it.


In a curry you can experiment a lot put different kinds of meat, different veggies, fish, shell fish, everything…




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