Morning kick

  • I am not inventing the hot water by saying that it is very important to have your vitamins taken in any form.

Also this may be very boring for you,but you cannot imagine how many people have liquidisers and do not use them….why?? How the hell should I know…

So I am offering a very LAZY non chewing method of having MAX quantity of fresh fruit or veg if you are up to it.

I  caught myself buying way too many fruits and wondered what in heavens name I`m gonna do with them, because eating fruit can be really annoying all the cutting, peeling, chewing, serving…

Let’s get to the point SMOOTHIES

Really easy fast NUTRITIOUS  you can do it with everything oranges, apples, strawberries or any kind of berries, pears, kiwis and so on the list is long.

Just peel a little what you don’t like, wash a little, remove seeds and let`s play!

I`m tossing everything in the liquidizer a cup of water and there we go…if want of course milk, yogurt – all OK decisions.

Estimated time of making 5-10 minutes

Approximate amount of fruit up to 7 sorts of fruit

Do not be scared or concerned about seeds, for example from grapes or pulp …so come on I hope you have still teeth and you can use them!!

Oh, one more thing do not be greedy no SUGAR, CREAM or ICE CREAM it is supposed to be healthy or??

If you are a freak like me you can put a pinch of powdered vitamin C in it for more kick.

So SMOOTHIES give it a try and make habit of it it won`t hurt you. And enough with the excuses I`m too busy, this is complicated and all of the other bullshit.

I`m one of the laziest people in the whole world you can ask my partner ,but I`m making them every morning to kick myself and him out of the house.

Enjoy and stay tuned.



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