No bake despair dessert


A couple of days ago I was cooking the perfect turkey leg and it would have been really tasty, if it wasn’t for that moment when I opened the door of the oven after three hours of cooking and I felt the light breeze.

Mayday the oven was not functioning at all……

After a good old cry, tossing the turkey leg in the garbage, a short screaming match with the husband, I realized I had a big, big problem.


No oven, no baking.


After that I was given the nickname Kimi Raikkonen of the ovens, obviously I have done the same damage to  my oven as him to his F1 cars.


So now I have a dilemma, but enough about the oven…


When I’m frustrated like  now, I usually cook, so I did a ten minute dessert.


You will need:

300 gr.cookies or biscuits crushed or crumbled

500 gr. quark or fresh cheese or cream cheese preferably low fat

200 gr.frozen mixed berries

50 gr.icing sugar

30 gr.powdered gelatin



Lay a piece of baking paper in a springform baking pan, close it .Sprinkle one half of the crushed cookies on the bottom. In a bowl mix well together the berries, cheese, sugar, gelatine and cinnamon. Place the cheese mix on the cookie crumbles and even the surface. Then sprinkle over the rest of the crumbles and press a little.

Put the dessert in the fridge for half an hour and ready. If you do not have any berries you can grate a chocolate in the cheese mix or put some fresh fruit, the possibilities are endless.


This is so easy, that a child can do it and not only this it is cheap and healthy also.

I will leave you now and move on to my oven research.




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