Pan fried mustard salmon

Since I’m lazy, I prefer an easy to cook food.

Luckily for me in every market I can find really fresh fish, like a couple of hours old.

So I would buy any fish in the world but since I’m not alone, I prefer fillet because of my better half, he is not so good with fish bones.


And we bought salmon filet again, you might say boring also.


But fresh fish has a totally different taste than the deep frozen one, if you have the chance and the money always prefer the fresh one.



And in defense of the salmon it looked really appealing.

I’m cooking now in the meantime, actually as always.






In my case I needed:


salmon fillet with skin about 400 gr. in whole or cut in 4 pieces

2 tsp. pesto

2 tbsp. Dijon mustard




Lay your fish skin facing down on a cutting board. Spread over the pesto then the mustard and pepper well.


And this is it…….

In a preheated pan toss the fish skin facing down first for about 5 minutes, then turn over.

In the meantime I put in to boil some new potatoes and carrots.




They were ready in about 10 minutes.I put some butter in and some herbs and dinner was served.



Lazy, fast but delicious.



Cheers and enjoy the summer.


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