Pan fried sesame Tuna


I`ll do it again.

As a child the fish filet we ate was only from a white fish . I can remember there was a fishmonger on one of the main streets ,there were always people lining up. My father knew one of the guys over there and so we had always fish filet , it was frozen in a cube shape.


There was no tuna or salmon.

Now in my adult life, one can buy every fish in a filet version , or even a learned to fillet myself.You need only a fillet knife some cooking tweezers , steady hand and some time.

This recipe is for any fish filet actually , in my case I had tuna at home. I thought of a new method of doing the fish , reverse marinating , I`ll explain.


You will need: 

4 tuna steaks or any other fish filet you want

1 big orange

1 tbsp honey

sesame seeds

salt & pepper

couple of garlic cloves

couple tbsp oil



Pat you fish dry with kitchen paper. Preheat a pan , griddle pan or normal frying pan. If you have a kitchen brush , brush the fish with the oil , not soaking wet just a little bit. Pat on the fish the sesame seeds so they stick , salt and pepper them.


Toss them in the pan for two minutes per side depending from the thickness. Do not overcook them , we want still to have a slightly raw middle aka medium rare.

In the mean time squeeze the orange in a plate , put the honey in it , crush the garlic and mix well.




When the fish it is ready put it in the plate with the marinade 


and if possible cover with lid.

The sizzling hot steaks are going to absorb the marinade like a sponge if you fancy you can turn them if not , not a big deal.And practically and theoretically done.


I served the tuna with Risi bisi  a childhood , again , favorite . They would serve this in the kindergarten after going to the Puppet Theater …… It is plain risotto rice with peas and some dill.


So in summary this whole meal from start till finish takes about 30 minutes with the rice including , not bad for a midweek supper don`t you think?

So until soon Cheers.

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