Pan grilled fish with asparagus and other two veg side dish

I was very clever last summer during the asparagus season, because we really love it and it is very healthy for you, see below thanks to

I decided to buy as much as I can and try freezing it, let`s be clear I’m talking about the green ones ONLY. White asparagus are also tasty and nutritious, but they are also a B..c to prepare, all the peeling and doing, I have tried them did not work very well.

So I followed the advice of the one and only Jamie and I tried the green ones. You only need to wash them and bend the stem, as much as is bends upon the woody part you break it and you are ready to roll.

So in this stage I froze a bunch.


About the recipe…


You can use every white fish filet skin on for our purpose today, I had a Zander fillet or also called Pike.


for two persons you will need:


300 filet skin on /very important,because white fish  dries  very fast while cooking/

2 tbsp. olive oil


salt & pepper


Take a plate put the fish in it rub the oil salt pepper and herbs in it, you can also make small cuts on the skin side to help the fish absorb the flavors. Let it rest for ten minutes.

In the meantime the veg purée.


I`m experimenting quite a long time with potato purée and I  found out that they are many veggies you can combine with, for example peas, aubergine, zucchini, carrot, celeriac, raw or frozen spinach, chard and even rocket.


You will need:


2 or 3 big potatoes peeled and cut in small

a splash of milk

handful fresh rocket

salt & pepper

2 tbsp. grated hard cheese like Grana padano or Parmigiano

little knob of butter


Cook the potatoes, wash and cut the rocket in small pieces, toss them in the pot with the milk , then purée with hand or with a hand blender or even in the processor. Stir in butter, cheese, salt and pepper. And it`s ready

Now the asparagus and the fish.


Put you griddle pan on,pre heat it properly,and grill 10 asparagus washed, dried and the woody part removed. It will take a couple of minutes, turn them often, they are ready when the color changes to dark green. Transfer them in a pot or bowl with the lid on.


Grill the fish fillet skin side first for also couple of minutes per side.

Season the asparagus with some oil salt and pepper, arrange it with  the fish and purée in  plates.




This is practically it, a very long explanation for a very quick meal, but as you already sensed I try to be  thorough.

Carry on with the cooking and Cheers from me…



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