Peach tart for lazies

The peach season is on. These days I`m making a lot with them, because they taste like peaches at last. Everybody knows you can buy peaches in December also but with the same success you can eat an orange painted carton.  I know it is harsh to eat only in season especially if you live in a Northern situated  country, but one can only try.


In short, it is hot outside but you have eventually company for lunch and dinner, so you need a dessert. I´m not going to have you do excessive baking while outside is over 30 C.

 Lazy suggestion from my kitchen.





You will need:


250 gr. whole wheat cookies crumbled

60 gr. soft butter

2 large eggs

6 ripe peaches

2 tbsp. runny honey

1 pack vanilla sugar





Mix the crushed cookies with the butter and the eggs until it resembles a dough. Spread the dough in a pie or tart dish. Wash and cut the peaches in slices. Arrange them prettily on the top, spoon over the honey and toss in pre-heated oven 180 C. for 20 minutes.




What is easier than this tart.


Short bake time, no mixing, kneading or whisking. Seasonal fresh taste,but  still  showing effort to satisfy your gourmet gut.



Let it cool completely and sprinkle the vanilla sugar on the top.


Serve with some yogurt or ice cream and the world stops spinning.



It does not get easier than this.









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