Potato cake

Maybe some of you have had a Spanish omelet, did you liked it?

So basically today we are talking about a criss cross of Spanish omelet and a savory cake. Spanish omelet is made with a lot of eggs and shredded potatoes. I`m going to go lighter on the eggs today and make a caky version.


Since I have graduated the Art Academy it is like a blur for me. I `m wondering when I`m going to realize that it is really over, no more meetings, no more stressing about the smallest detail. It is a bliss.


Now scratching my head and thinking about the next big project, I`m continuing to cook for you and for my loved ones.


In today’s case I made two cakes to bring to work to celebrate my diploma.



First one.




You will need.


6,7 middle-sized boiled potatoes

 125 gr. bacon in cubes

200 gr. grated cheese like Cheddar / because I love UK, if you do not use some other cheese

1 cup of whole wheat flour

4 eggs

rosemary, basil, salt & pepper







Of course recipe for busy (lazy) people.



Preheat the oven 170 C.


Take a large bowl and mash the potatoes in it. Add one by one the eggs, while stirring, add the rest of the ingredients. Try to corporate everything, I know it is sticky but put an effort.


Line a round baking tray with paper and pour the batter. Even the top out, so it looks nice and toss in the oven for about 40-45 minutes.





I clearly realize that my last recipes somehow are dry portable meals and now it struck me why. I`m subconsciously preparing for the warmer weather.


In my mind I`m on  the beach or a picnic in the woods or at a biergarten with my lovelies.


These are some of the ideas I`m willing to share towards where you can bring the potato cake, where you take it is entirely up to you.



So take good care of you, hence-eat well..



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