Pumpkin ,Carrot or Sweet potato lasagne







 And so on but  I`m going to write about pasta….again


There is nothing wrong with pre bought pasta but homemade tastes so much better…You do not really need a pasta maker to make a decent lasagne or tagliatelle, just the right flour and some nerves. Every now and then you can make a small feast for you and you loved once by trying to make a meal special, not so complicated at all.


Basic recipe for pasta is:

1 big organic egg

100 gr pasta flour


You can multiply this by the amount you need, just make a semi hard dough and do not let it dry,then roll it out with your pasta maker or by hand. By hand is costing an effort ,but nothing is easy in life, that is why the Italian mammas have such strong hands…. 


So I should mention that if you cannot find special pasta flour it is not a very big drama but there is a difference in the way it cooks.


In this recipe I made pasta dough from 3 eggs and 300 gr flour makes easily lasagne for 6 people , if you do not feel like making own pasta dough one pack of dried lasagne sheets will do the same


Other thing pumpkin, carrots and sweet potato have similar taste and in this case they can substitute one another, meaning you can do the lasagne with one of them or also with the two or three if you fancy…





1 kg. peeled chopped in big chunks carrots/pumpkin/sweet potatoes

2 big onions chopped

2 cans chopped & peeled tomatoes

100 gr. almonds

one big piece celeriac not over 200 gr peeled and chopped

200 gr. Gorgonzola,Parmesan or Pecorino whichever you prefer i personally this Gorgonzola works the best but it is a free country…


In a fairly big pot simmer for a minute the onions with some oil , after they go slightly transparent put all other vegetables including the tomatoes give them a healthy amount of salt and pepper,basil or marjoram. Cover the pot and let it bubble for 15 min. Take the pot out of the heat and stir in the cheese of your choice add to that the almonds roughly chopped.

Lay the lasagne sheets in the baking tray and cover with the filling, then again sheets & filling until you run out..


Put it in a preheated oven for about 40 min.

If you really like  béchamel sauce you can make one and pour it over in half time …..




As I speak so I write very much with all the details …but it is your choice make homemade pasta do not make, all that counts you take care of your family by cooking with love…

Before I get emotional I`ll take off go cook and cook healthy it will pay off.


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