Quiche everybody

The quiche


This is a very vast matter of discussion,I´m making  or trying to make quiche since I was 15. And the experiments begun ….
Depending on what you want to achieve you can have it all Quiche is just the brand you can put anything you want in it. I´m making it very often so that would be not my one and only post about it.

Now how about I share with you a couple of tested quiche pastries..


The classic one:

2 cups of all-purpose flour

70 gr. melted butter

1 Organic egg

pinch of salt

3 tbsp white vinegar


It is on you how you make the dough, the easiest way is to make a well in the middle of the flour and with very clean hands to mix one by one the rest of the ingredients. It should be very soft if not add a little more butter. Flours are very different you will see it for yourself after time .Then rolling in your quiche dish and ready.



Wholemeal  one:

Normally the wise asses are telling us that you should not put only wholemeal flour in a dough, that it wold become stiff and so on lets prove them wrong.


1 cup of whole wheat flour

1 cup of rye flour

1 Organic egg

pinch of salt

100 gr. melted butter

if needed a couple of tbsp yogurt


The drill is the same as above, but probably you should work the dough a  bit more than usual until combines. It will be a bit hard let this not worry you. I’m all about healthy eating that’s why I have  biceps …



The different one:


1 cup of flour whatever you want

1 cup of ground millet /you can put it in a coffee grinder,it becomes like flour/

1 Organic egg

pinch of salt

100 gr. melted butter

if needed a couple of tbsp yogurt




The filling.

In this particular one, I made it up of course,I want to show you that you can do quiche with anything left in the fridge,and afterwards looking so sophisticated that your people are going to be wowed.




a couple of tomatoes

1 big sweet potato

2 big onions

5,6 pieces of raw ham like Pancetta

200 ml. yogurt or sour cream

a generous tbsp. paprika

3,4 Organic eggs

a piece of cheese like Brie or Cheddar chopped




Starting from the moment that you have rolled out your pastry in a dish of your choice. Preheat the oven on to 170 C.

And again if you have a food PRO your work will be less, but if not , chop into small chunks or slice the tomatoes, potato & onion. Lay the ham slices on the bottom of your quiche, that toss the rest of the veg on it. In a mixing bowl or liquidizer put the eggs, cheese, the herbs & spices plus the yogurt mix it. Then pour the egg mix on your quiche watching that everything is covered if you need you can stir it a little.


Pop it in the oven for about 30,40 min and enjoy hot or cold this kind of food makes a great picnic threat.


As already said about quiche I can talk or write very, very long, you did not hear the end of it. I will come back sometime to the subject, but main idea is quiche is everything with pastry shell filled up with goodness.



So you give it a try with any left over veg or whatever you have…


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