Quick fix

When you are under pressure like me, one of these days I will tell you all about it, you need a quick fix.


Busy with a billion tasks per day we often compromise on the food that we eat.I really hate it.

So today in a day like these, after work I went to the grocery store, it takes very long I`m awfully picky, than back home I had to clean up first arrange groceries and it was so late, I had other stuff to do also.


When you feel totally overwhelmed and think now is the time to have a nervous breakdown, pour yourself something and take a breather.



In short.


In the store I bought chicken tights, plain ,old, stinky, boring, these were the first thoughts.


And than it came to me.Something that you can toss in the oven and mind the rest of your business for at least half hour.



In a stressed case you will need



chicken tights 


some turmeric


some cinnamon


pepper, salt and garlic crushed



Preheat the oven 190 C. if you have a grill function, much better, if not whatever.


And this is really it.


Rub the chicken with all of the above, I advise using gloves because turmeric leaves a pretty orange stain.Place the chicken tights on a rack and put under it a baking tray, or if you have one that has both you are good to go.


Toss the tray in the oven and after 15 min. just turn the tights around, so they can be crispy from both sides.


The whole process will take about 40 min. 

No fuss, no muss.




In the mean time I washed the clothes and wrote this, so very easy to skills required.


Serve this with whatever you want salad or leftover side dish it`s on you.


See it cannot get easier than this….


Cheers and lets be it.

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