Roasted orange chicken


So as we work very hard or hardly working , we miss the occasional  roast at the start of the week , cause we do not have any free time during the weekend. I made this roast chicken like a despair try to prove to myself that people with no time at all can eat also well , or cause my husband was already requesting something eatable….not with words but the eyes..

It turns out that you cannot cook while almost sleeping I tried it.

Enough of me you can do it whenever you fancy it is easy , like eating it.


You will need:

1 organic chicken if possible

zest of  one orange

insides of 1 orange

2 bay leaves


salt pepper

crushed garlic 

crushed onion


Take a dish lay your bird in it. Try to lift the skin and put the bay leaves between the skin and the meat , rub the bird with the rest – orange zest ,salt , pepper , crushed onion / you can do it in the garlic crusher small cut or use spring onions/ crushed garlic , rosemary .

Put the insides of you orange in the cavity  squish them a bit so let the juice out.

Put the chicken in the oven for about one hour on about 170 C.

This will give you time to wash up or take a shower or do whatever is pending on your agenda.


Me , I served it with super fast pan fried green asparagus you can do whatever you have at home new potatoes or even only salad.

The main point is you toss it in the oven and mind your business, no fuss dinner.


As busy as we all are I do not like to compromise on taste , some people they know me they will say I`ll better do not eat then to be disappointed , so make a small feast every day for you and your family it is manageable.

Take care and cheers.


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