Roasted veg lasagne

I’m not Italian, if I were I should have mentioned this at least a couple of dozen  times. No offense, but I’m catching myself cooking a lot of pasta and other Italian dishes.

Whatever I think there are many very simple basics that one can adopt from the Italian cuisine and to make one`s life simpler.

So today I’m taking the lazy road because I had a bad case of migraine, a.k.a. I did not make my lasagne sheets from a scratch.

Awaiting for the first fresh asparagus batches I made a veggie lasagne and again I’m not a vegetarian either. Just trying to have two times a week meat dish, two times a week fish and three times a veggie dish. Just trying, it would be a revelation if I managed every week to do so.

So easily


200 gr. lasagne sheets bought or homemade

2 zucchinis thinly sliced

2 aubergines thinly sliced

1 big onion roughly chopped

2 cans peeled and cubed tomatoes about 400 gr. each

300 gr. blue cheese

250 ml. milk

couple of garlic cloves crushed

oregano , basil black pepper , salt 

Basically I  grilled the aubergines and zucchinis in the oven, because it is faster this way, if you have time you can put them on the grill.

When all the veg is grilled set aside for a moment and take a small pot. Sweat in the pot the onion and garlic, when translucent pour in the canned tomatoes, salt lightly, pepper heavily and give the sauce some love with a lot of basil and oregano.

Let it simmer for ten minutes. Take half of the cheese  and let it melt in the tomato sauce. Take it of the heat.

Lay one layer of lasagne sheets in your dish, then lay a round of grilled veg pour with a ladle tomato sauce so if it is everywhere, then do the same until you run out of veg.

It is very important that your dish is deep if you need adjust the sheets so that everything is covered with sauce, we do not want dry lasagne.

Put the dish in the oven on 170 C for 15 minutes.

If you did not wash your pot where the tomato sauce was in use it, if not you will need another small pot.

Put the rest of the cheese with the milk. Stirring constantly so the cheese does not stick to the bottom. When the cheese is completely melted put some pepper and ready.


Pour the cheese sauce over the lasagne and let it bake for another 15 minutes, there is nothing raw in there this depends on you taste if you like it crispier or not.

And again ready.

If someone told me that I’ll be really excited when I go to the market, buying veggies and stuff I would have laughed so hard that I might have choked, but people change obviously.

Not a bad change but a strange one, if you are one of this kind try every day something new.

Until then your only hope will be that someone cleans after you…



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