Roasted `wild ` rabbit


Venison is another big discussion, the meat is so good, because it was running free in the woods literally a couple of days ago.

Another aspect is that most common people think it is very hard to cook wild meat or another aspect the price.

So first of all , it is time-consuming  YES , not hard to cook , there is a difference.

Second deep frozen venison is has the same good nutritional qualities like the fresh one, and in this case the price is not a problem.

Of course this recipe is not only for wild rabbit or even not only for rabbit it applies to every wild game meat like deer and wild pig.



So lay your hands on a rabbit whatever the kind and take time, not so much I promise.



You will need:


about 1 kg. meat  as rabbit, wild rabbit or similar wild meat cut into pieces

4 cloves garlic


a couple of bay leaves

some oil

salt & pepper

some plain flour

oven  baking bag



Preheat your oven on 170 C.

In a dish put the flour, salt, pepper and mix well. Tap your meat in it. Preheat a pan and fry the meat for 1 minute per side or until it changes its color.

Put the meat in a baking dish or a casserole sprinkle the rosemary over it, lay the bay leaves, crush garlic stir well to mix.

Take a big oven baking bag and put your casserole in it, tie it well.

It goes in the oven for about 1 / 1,30 hours.




And this is it.



Using a baking bag does not allow the meat to dry out and keeps all the good juices.

 This totally simple recipe can be used of course for any type  of meat.


If you are curious to test and you have the time  try it.

So for now that is it Cheers

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