Salad quiche

If you are clueless what you want to buy in the market or if you had an idea but you did not find the right stuff you maybe just need to get a cup of coffee and relax.


At least I did it.


Instead of making a summer osso buco  I made something you can make from a scratch if your fridge is semi full.


After I drank my coffee I made a simple quiche pastry, put it in the fridge to rest and there was the exciting part.


I assume you eat salad at home.Plain simple salad.


Lettuce, spring onions and so on.

And today we are going to put them in a main course meal.


You will need/ if you can find it in you fridge or cupboard/



for the pastry 


150 gr. white flour

150 gr. whole wheat flour

140 gr. or less cold butter


I`m not going to expand on explanation for the pastry.It is almost insulting …


But anyhow rub the butter  with the flour add a couple of table spoons cold water only to help the dough to come together, do not need to knead it.Form a ball, wrap it in cling film and put it to rest in the fridge.



Put a deep pan on the hob with some  oil and take a look what salad ingredients  you have.


I had

1 big lettuce

a bunch spring onions

200 gr. camembert cheese cut in small

mixed salad seeds

2 eggs

1 egg white


pepper, salt



Cut the salad and spring onions and sweat them in the pan.

It will take a minute.Put the cheese in and take from the heat.

Stir in the eggs herbs and seeds.

Take the pastry out.


Pre heat oven 170 C.


Roll it out and lay in a pie dish lined with baking paper.


Whisk the egg white a little and seal the bottom of the pastry with it.Make wholes on the bottom with a fork and pour the ready filling.


Toss in the oven for 30-40 minutes and ready to go.





As unusual as it sounds lettuce can be a substitute to every green in the kitchen and in the same time you do not compromise on the taste.





So in short if you do not have anything to cook a proper meal from, it is so not true.And do not stop with lettuce only you can put tomatoes, olives, feta cheese and so on.


Practically  as many salads you know most of them can be transformed in a tasty little quiche.

Dinner saved..


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