Salmon parcels & beetroot zucchini gratin

If you want to eat fish and you do not have any other options you can always buy salmon.

For me personally salmon has become a really boring choice of fish, because it is available everywhere and we eat it all the time.

In this particular case I wanted something different, but it was too late. Too late for the fish monger, too late for choosing a different kind.

So – desperate move – go to the nearest  supermarket,  buy some salmon and do not make it so complicated.

Indeed. But it turned out completely the opposite.

In the supermarket my thoughts started clicking while I was looking at the fridges.


For the side dish


Beetroot zucchini gratin:

200 gr. cooked beetroots thinly sliced

2 small zucchini thinly sliced

100 gr. feta cheese crushed

2 eggs

pepper, some marjoram


Take a gratin dish, and it might sound sloppy, but toss the sliced veggies in it. In a separate bowl mix the eggs with the crushed cheese and the spices. Pour the cheese mix over the veg and try to stir well, so that all of the veg is covered with it.

Not the real gratin technique, but definitely a fast one.

Put in a preheated oven 170 C.

While the gratin is baking prepare your fish.



For the salmon parcels you will need:


4 pieces salmon filet 

4 small spring onions finely chopped

salt, pepper, some lovage

4 sheets filo pastry


Super simply set your filet in the middle of your pastry, sprinkle over the chopped onions, the spices and the herb.

Fold into a parcel, and done. Do this with all the filets.

I`ll say this will take you about 15 min. and in the meantime the gratin will be halfway ready.

Lay the parcels on a baking paper and put them in the oven next to your gratin.


In just 15 min. the main and the side dish are both ready to eat.



OK, this recipe is not a fast one, it took me about one hour to get to the finish point.

But everything turned out really tasty.



So so long Cheers……

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