I adore scones and actually I`m a big fan of English classic baking.

Honestly don`t know why I have not mentioned scones earlier.


I have tried to make them a lot of times maybe I had the wrong recipe or was not very much in a mood, your mental state can indeed reflect on your cooking skills.


In short they were always good, but never nearly as perfect as in England.


Having left the matter alone for a long time I remembered that I did not master the scones this week when we were in an English coffee house.


They tasted like a cloud, fluffy and soft amazing.But the price was so unacceptable, that I fought now it`s the time.



After a thorough research and a lot of mix and matching.




You will need




350 gr. flour


85 gr. butter room temperature


pinch of salt


3, 4 tbsp. sugar or more if you are into it


1 whole pack baking powder or 15 gr.


175 ml. milk room temperature


1/2 lemon


vanilla extrakt





Super simple, very easy.


Put the heat on 180 C.


I have already written about butter milk and how one can do it by himself, we are doing it like that.



Squeeze the lemon in the milk , add the vanilla and leave it aside.


In a bowl put the flour, salt, sugar mix them and rub the butter in until the mix looks like fine crumbs.



Add the `buttermilk`and form a soft dough, don`t over do it should not be perfect.



Now you have two options if you have a muffin tin just form balls and toss them inside or you can just form balls and put them on a baking sheet.



In the original version one has to roll out the dough and cut out like circles from it.


I do not find this nor time efficient either prettier.




So in short.


Me I`m totally foolish and never read the recipe right.

The key to success is the buttermilk not yogurt, not milk, easy to make and gives the result, because the acid from the lemon combined with the baking powder makes wonders.



Toss them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes and you are ready to roll.



Impress the crowd with these they are ready in 30 short minutes.


Make a batch of these and they will cost you less than  one of the overpriced ones.


You will love it, dead serious..



Cheers for now

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