Sepiolini from the pan

If you are like me , a person that very much enjoys sea fruits and you are married for a person like my husband, that cannot think of eating them, you will understand this post completely.




So my husband does not eat them but lets me buy them, good start.


I found in a fish market recently baby sepia and I could not resist.


Honestly this is the first time I’m buying sepiolini, luckily they were clean without the ink.


I did not knew exactly which is the best way to cook them, so I took the advice from an Italian friend of mine, or politically correct not the entire advice the main idea.



You will need




400/500 gr. baby sepia or normal ones


2,3 cloves of garlic




olive oil


salt , pepper


the juice of 1 lemon


First of all wash the sepia.Pre boil water with a pinch of salt and cook the sepia for five minutes in it.



Wring them from the water.Put a frying pan on the stove with some olive oil in it.Fry the sepiolini cross , not more than  five minutes.


If you have a liquidizer it will be handy at this point, if not let be it.


Both ways chop finely the dill, crush the garlic add the juice, some olive oil, salt and pepper.If you are doing this in liquidizer  put all of the above in it and whizz it up.

Pour the dressing over the sepiolini  and you are done.


Best eat them with some fresh salad and warm bread, if you do not have warm bread a cold one would work fine to.

In a summary super simple not so bad as it turns out even my husband tried them.




Cheers and have a good one.

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