Stuffed aubergine

If you are fed up with eating meat and you do not really know what to have for dinner, open the fridge and take a look.   There is always something really boring waiting to get exciting.

  You can easily prepare a decent meal with only four ingredients, like in today’s recipe.   So I looked and I found aubergines.

What to do with them…  

Fill them with chickpeas or beans or even pre-cooked lentil, or whatever you have at home.

      So first of all you will need:

  3 middle-sized aubergines 

1 can canned chickpeas or beans

1/2 leek

100 gr. cream cheese

salt , pepper , anise , parsley 

Give the veg a good wash and cut them lengthwise. Roast them in the oven on 200 C for about 10 minutes or until they’ve softened a little bit.

Take them out and scoop the part of the insides.  If you have a food processor put the leek, the aubergine insides and the drained chickpeas or beans, the cream cheese and the herbs in it.

Pulse it until looks like a paste.   Fill the veg with the chickpea or bean mix and roast for 15 minutes on 160 C.  

I`m pretty sure that this recipe is going to work absolutely fine with courgettes and tomatoes also, you just need to experiment a little bit with the stuff left out in your fridge.  

And not to mention healthy as hell.  

So until next time Cheers

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