Stuffed pasta shells

Pasta is also a very vast topic of conversation but I’ll cut it short.

Where I live now they are eating pasta like crazy and one cannot imagine the perverse combos that they are making, I think an Italian grandma would hang herself if she sees this `creations`.

And again with me and our believes pasta tastes so much different if you make it fresh, I mean from a scratch.I really know that we all don’t  have any time or we are tired or lazy or with lacking organization skills like me in some days, but we all have freezers …..

You make the pasta dough as if twenty people are eating then you divide it and toss it in the freezer so you have fresh handmade pasta any time you fancy.


Ok today is not the day about pasta making. These days I’m stuck because of the holidays or who knows what and I decided to make an experiment and it turned out actually great.

You will need:


pasta shells pre bought, I myself cannot make them I admit

1 can of chopped and peeled tomatoes

2,3 cloves of garlic

a couple of fresh good quality sausages

 one big chunk  celeriac

200 gr Gorgonzola

one big leek chopped

some Marjoram or basil salt and pepper and so on


Take a deeper  baking dish and in it put the tomatoes,mix them roughly with 1 chopped garlic clove, half of the leek salt & pepper and some oil and your herb of choice.

This will be the base no pre cooking the sauce, so convenient.

Next ,you can do this by hand or with a food processor, cut in very small pieces the sausage, the rest of the leek, celeriac, garlic and Gorgonzola. Mix this well together with some pepper and the herbs making this like a pate, it looks really ugly I know!  With a small spoon  fill the shells with the mix and lay them in the sauce…..


Put them in a preheated oven for about 30-40 min. and done! can gladly make this with some leftover meat…

I know it is Christmas and the recipe is for some not appropriate, but Christmas is only three days and what about the rest 353 days :))

So I wish you very healthy New Year and make your dreams come true and mostly


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