The other pumpkin strudel

Pumpkin strudel as already told is normally sweet, but I thought I might take another direction today.


Lately I watched my beloved chef and he made camembert filo pastry strudels and they were lovely, but in my opinion only cheese is not enough for a whole meal course.


You will need



200 gr. fill pastry or 8 big sheets


1 small pumpkin about 500 gr. finely grated


200 gr. camembert cheese


2 hands full walnuts crushed or grounded 


a bunch of chives chopped


salt, pepper, some oil




Super fast and simple


In a bowl put the pumpkin, cut in very small the cheese and add to it.Add the rest of the ingredients, pour some oil in the mix and stir well until everything combines.



Preheat the oven to 170 C.


Lay the sheets out and divide the pumpkin mix between them.


Fold the sheets into parcels or like a long cigar shape.


Lay the strudels on a baking paper and toss them in the oven for 25-30 min.





In very short today`s recipe is nothing extraordinary just an unusual spin for an old fashioned classic.


Try it, it is worth it hot or cold.Just the perfect lunch box meal.



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