The simplest apple tart ever



So before the stores get closed you might need to stack up on a few things.


One of the greatest inventions of modern world is the puff pastry, you can get it in every grocery store literary.I know I’m a big woohoo for the homemade stuff but this I have given up. Once with a friend took us like six hours the get it right, appreciate the effort but it is not worth it. Try it once to see, but on a daily basis a no do.


Normally I have a couple pastries in the freezer,they freeze well  and one can with a little imagination and leftovers do a superb meal from a scratch. In today’s case I have done a pretty little apple tart.



It does not have to be round shaped but I did it anyway, if you feel like it take the pastry knead it a little and shape it.


today we need:

baking dish 

3,4 apples

100 grams brown sugar

vanilla extract or pod or whatever you have


After placing the pastry in the dish take knife and make little holes in the surface, this will let the juice of the apples moist the tart as it bakes.

Do not bother to peel your apples just wash them and cut them very thin horizontally,after this you can easily take the seeds out or they just fall off. Lay them pretty in the dish like in a fan shape.

Get a small pot or a milk pan put the sugar and the vanilla,put literary two tablespoons of water and let it heat for a moment. It will take a couple of minutes just until the sugar is dissolved. Brush the apples with the sugar syrup and pour the rest of it over the tart.



Toss it in a preheated oven for about 20 minutes. Et voilà

This makes a   perfect simple dessert if you have unexpected guests or if you crave something sweet fast.

It goes well with some ice cream or some nuts chopped over it a delight…..




Of course, do not stop only by apples do it with pears or any fruit I know for some its a funny little recipe but I’m trying to prove my point. Well eaters do not have to have hours and hours spent in the kitchen.

So take care and go cut some apples….

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