The start..

everyone was telling me it is about time, now it is obviously the time.
The story is,  today we are cooking like every day .

I might inspire you I might not ,the choice is yours  thanks for reading ….


After being in the kitchen literally my whole life I thought I might share some of my lazy people tricks.

Here I`m not going to try to impress you with complicated and fancy recipes, there are other chefs about this stuff.I will try to show you, if  you let me, that you do not need to have special skills or very much time to make a proper meal for you and your loved ones.


Of course my greatest inspirations are my mother and my grandmother ,both of them cooking daily and not making a fuss about it.

So if you are in you are going to get easy, Healthy, quick stress free cooking advice from me and my humble experience. 


And do not forget to enjoy yourselves, because eating together a home cooked meal is one of the most precious memories one can ever get.


Cheers and stay tuned.

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