Today is chestnut chocolate cake day

I’m just coming in but we need to work again.  Tomorrow we are invited at a friend’s house and because me as i am not going anywhere empty-handed. I’m going to bake them a chocolate cake with a twist. Of course for lazy people who want to impress. And again I will talk about the food processor. If you have one use it, if not buy one btw I`m not working for Philips ,Kenwood or Bosch so take a deep breath it’s just me annoying you…



The cake

200 gr. cooked chestnuts

150-200 gr. dark chocolate

4 large eggs

100 gr. butter

1/2 cup of flour

1/2 cup of sugar

1 tsp. baking powder

I have already cooked and peeled the chestnuts, if you are lucky enough you can buy them in this condition do it. Toss them in the food processor and give them a wiz. Add the chocolate in the processor and pulse again. Take the chocolate -chestnut mix out of the bowl and set aside.



Then you put your eggs in the PRO beat them until fluffy. Add the  sugar, beat again.  Add the flour with the baking soda while constantly beating. After this, the butter goes in and at last the chocolate and chestnut mix. Mix until smooth and incorporated.

 I know this is against all rules of cooking. Melt chocolate!  Separate eggs and so on but this is not so important…

In our case not everyone has the day off ,but still  wants to have some decent food in the plate…If you have somebody who is waiting for you to come home with wet eyes hoping for a cooked meal this is your deal , you just need to do some clever shopping.


And again about the cake.

After the mix seems like one thing pour it in a cake thin /btw nobody loves washing up the trick here you take a baking paper and you run it under water then squeeze it so the water comes off, it becomes really soft and you can do whatever you want with it put it in you thin then everything comes out nice & clean/

Put your future cake in a preheated oven about 150 C full fan for about 30 min or after your knife comes out clean after stabbing…

And there comes the usual drill cooling or dusting with icing sugar or if you really like chocolate when warm put some pieces over the top and run over a knife like buttering it.

I let it be plain.

And this is it! Ok it’s not 30 min but is  still not like childbirth – long and painful I hear.

so be it..

This is for today. I’m off thinking of main course for tonight because I do not really fancy a cake for dinner.

Take care

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