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Falafel  with roasted potatoes  the quick version

So you maybe know or not there is always a china or whatever shop around your corner, you should search for a chick pea flour or canned chick peas almost the same deal.

1 version with flour 

you will need:


250 gr.chickpea flour

1 chopped onion

a bunch of chopped herbs for example parsley,thyme oregano be creative this is your version

cumin seeds whole or crushed


black pepper 

and boiling water 400-500 ml



 Put all of the above in a bowl and mix it well ,then let is rest for about 10 minutes.

After this action you form with a spoon small balls and fry them. My version is NOT frying but baking on a baking paper and before they are done a drizzle of olive oil or olive of your choice until golden.

Soooo if you are not lucky enough and cannot find chick peas flour and you have it in a can the same thing can happen with it.  You need to  wiz your chick  peas in a food processor and make them in a  of puree. 


Then the rest of the ingredients are the same as with the chick pea flour, besides instead the water put one ORGANIC egg so it could bind the mix.


Please use   your kitchen appliances at full power at all times. You have them and they are just dusting in the cupboard what is this a? Those thing are meant to help you.

So potatoes

you will need:


300 gr. potatoes


salt, black & red pepper

some oil


Use your kettle to pre boil water.You use less energy the potatoes are faster in your plate and so on. You can slice them before boiling put them in a pot pour over the hot salted water let them cook for 10 -15 min. Then drain drizzle some oil sprinkle every herb you wish  or you can get your hands on, I prefer in this case red & black pepper with a hint of garam masala or kurkumin.

And put them in a preheated 170 C. oven until golden.


Total time of cooking if you are not lazy or disorganized like me 30 min.


 Take care I’m  going to see what happened in the oven while writing…

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