Wonton apricot wraps

As I did not know until recently, there is one alternative to filo pastry and pasta dough-wonton wrappers.

I always looked them in my Asian market but did not buy them, I wonder why? Now I know it was long overdue. As it turns out you can practically make everything with them from pastry to main course. But we learn until we live. Now I know how useful these little sheets are.
But behold they are two types, for boiling and for frying.

For baking I bought the frying ones.

And as it is summer it is a must to make something with apricots.
After my wonton discovery I went to the market and found some pretty little apricots and instead of making my mum`s apricot upside down cake, which is by the way beyond lovely, I`m making apricot wraps.


You will need:

20 sheets wonton wrappers
10 small apricots
3 tbsp. icing sugar
1 tsp. tonka bean powder

Yes, it is possible to make a desert with only four ingredients.
Lay ten of your sheets on a clean surface. Mix in a small bowl the icing sugar with the tonka bean powder. Cut your apricots open, remove the seed and dip the inner parts in the sugar. Arrange two halves apricots diagonally on each sheet. Brush the ends of the sheet with water, put a sheet wonton and press down until they come together. Fold the sides backwards or inwards if you like.


Toss in a pre heated oven 170 C. for about 25 minutes. When golden and warm dust with the rest of your icing sugar.
You can eat them straight from the oven with or without ice cream, I say without.
No one ever thought that you can do something without butter, eggs and lots of sugar and get such an amazing result.

Quick, summery, healthy , packable – that is how we like it!



Ps. if you cannot find any tonka bean powder in your region, do not bang your head against the wall just substitute with something you like.

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